About codeigniter

CodeIgniter is an application development framework. People who develop websites using PHP, it is a toolkit for them. This toolkit provides libraries for general or frequently required tasks as well as a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. Thus you have not to write all codes from the scratch and it saves a lot of time so that projects run faster. CodeIngniter is a framework with small foot print and clear documentation. It has Broad compatibility with standard hosting accounts that run a variety of PHP versions and configurations. It doesn’t need a template language as well as has featured database classes with support for several platforms.

Benefits of CodeIgniter

  • Zero configuration required
  • No restricting coding rules
  • Simple and easy to use solution
  • Impressive performance
  • No need to use the command line
  • Simple & clear documentation
  • Ready compatibility with hosting solutions
  • Compatible with numerous PHP solutions
  • No need for monolithic libraries as PEAR
  • No need to learn a templating language

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  • 100% client satisfaction ratio
  • Fully Customized Codeigniter app
  • Developers well-versed in developing MVC architecture
  • Experience of API Development
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  • Extensive years of experience in the related field
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    codeigniter development service

    Support for hooks and class extensions and query builder database

    Supports attachments, html/text email, multiple protocols Image

    Benchmarking, full page caching, error logging, application profiling

    Class as FTP, calendaring, user agent, zip encoding, template engine, unit testing

    Form and data validation

    Security and XSS filtering

    Session management

    Highly lightweight

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