Term & Conditions

The terms and conditions given below are applied to all the services offered by WebSpread to its clients. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Any purchase from WebSpread or use of our services denotes that you have thoroughly read and accepted our terms and conditions.

New clients are required to deposit the amount charged by WebSpread before the start of the work. The fees for web hosting and any costs incurred by us on the behalf of customers are payable in advance and are non-refundable.

If the project gets cancelled in initial stages i.e. before the project commencement, 10% of the funds received will be levied as the cancellation charge. Bank charges and currency conversion fee will be beared completely by the client.

Project will be treated as cancelled if the client does not make due payment for 4 weeks and a re-initiation fee will be charged to the client if the development needs to be resumed.

We are not responsible for the losses (if any) incurred by the use of any apps or software created for the customer. While we take proper care to make sure that the products are perfect and problem free, the ultimate responsibilities lies with the customer and make sure that the software functions properly before using.

We are not liable for costs incurred or any compensation or any loss because of the work carried done on the behalf of the clients.

Although we try our best to ensure you that all the work done carried out by us are free of errors but we do not accept responsibility for any sort of loss that are incurred in any part of it. Work done by WebSpread remains the copyright of WebSpread and cannot be resold or commercially reproduced without our permission.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions anytime without any prior information .So, you are requested to check our website regularly.

WebSpread has the right to change or remove its website temporarily or permanently without any notice. We are not liable for any such changes.

Payment Terms

※ With regards to the Digital marketing at WebSpread, where the customer is required to pay the amount monthly , advance invoice will be sent every month and the payment is expected within a week of the invoice date.

※ If the amount is not paid within a month of the invoice date, a delay fee will be charged @ 10% of the outstanding invoice every month.

Data/details to be provided by the customer

※ Product pictures for the home page.

※ Product pictures along with the description and all other required details.

※ Any charges for the third party products/services to be integrated on the website will be borne by the customer.

Terms and Conditions

※ Domain name & web hosting has to be provided by the customer at the time of hosting on the World Wide Web.

※ The payment terms cannot be changed at any stage after signing this agreement without prior consent and approval of WebSpread.

※ All website content, such as product images and written content must be provided by the customer.

※ The order, once confirmed, cannot be cancelled at any stage. Payment must be made in full to WebSpread Limited.

※ Website development time depends on the design and functionality requirements and will be confirmed before finalizing the project.

Project Time Line & Constraints

※ The start date is the date we receive a confirmed order along with 40% payment.

※ The development process involves emailing layouts to customer from time to time for your approval.

※ Any changes in the layout suggested by customer are incorporated by WebSpread, as long as the suggested changes are within the agreed scope of work.

※ Any delay in response from the client may shift the project completion time line.

To know more about our terms and conditions, contact us.